Proceso de Producción

08 | 09 | 2020
Proceso de Producción

Summary of some Items of the Number of the Production Processes

Production ProcessDescriptionPhoto
PressPress out the basic Shape of the knife from the Steel Plate and holes for attaching the Handles.Press
Burn-InGo through the Oven under Pre-heating and then through the Main Oven in an Anoxia Condition, over 1,000℃ temperature.Burn-In
Re-BurnPut into an another Oven to re-burn the Material in about 200℃. This makes the Material pliability.Re-Burn
Auto GrindingUsing the Automatic Grinding Machines, both side of the Blade, from the back side to the Edge side and from the Heel side to to Tip, grind the Blade.Auto Grinding
Water PolishingBy Skilled Craftsman, grinds and polishes the Blade from the middle part of the Blade to the the Edge side and thins the Blade.Water Polishing
Auto PolishingUsing the Automatic Polishing Machines, polishes away the steps on the Blade.
Putting on the MarksPutting on the LOGOS and other Marks.
Attaching the HandleAttaching the Handle on to the Knife.
Polishing the HandlePolishing the Handle to make it smooth and comfortable to fit in your Hands.Polishing the Handle
Putting on the Edge 1Putting on the basic Edge on the Edge of the Blade.Putting on the Edge 1
Putting on the Edge 2Getting the rough Burr on the Edge.
Putting on the Edge 3Smoothing down the rough Burr.
Putting on the Edge 4Finalizing the Sharp Edge on the Blade.
Care and InspectionWiping off the dust and dirt, left on the Knife and inspecting any scratches or any cracks or any other defects on the knife.手入れ・検品
Final InspectionChecking the sharpness/weight/shape and doing the final eye sight inspections before packing and delivery.

Summary of the Production Process

Kind of KnifeItemNumber of Processes
With Dimples and a BolsterMCK-105-D/MTH-80/MSK-65About 104
With a BolsterMBK-110/MBK-95/MBK-85/MKS-105/SO-70/BON-60/
About 96
With DimplesTH-80/TH-50/SSL-130About 89
Other MAC KnivesBK-120/BK-100/BK-80/HB-85/HB-70/HB-55/HB-40/
About 83

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