The name of this series is “Murato” that is a combination of “mura”, a part of the company’s name, and “to”, a unit of measurement to indicate an unchanging standard. The name bears the meaning of the unchanging standard in our “user-friendly” craftmanship, which has been vital to us since the company was established in 1874.

The wet grindig is used to make the blade that material is AUS10 three-layer steel with extreme hardness and ease of sharpening. This method creates sharpness and a smooth cut. The resin handle is gentle on the hands, has high resistance to heat, and is highly durable. It is dishwasher and dryer safe, making its maintenance easy.

1 Produto(s)
1 Produto(s)
Cuchillo de cocina  Shimomura  Masatsugu 195mm M-18
$85.000 CLP